Monday, October 9, 2023

Galloping through Genesis


Are you looking for a year-long study?  Genesis hits the mark.  From the creation of the world to these words—what you intended for evil, God used for good—you can study the prologue for the story of God’s Chosen People and see the beginnings of the line that would lead to Jesus Christ.

It’s good to know salvation and abundant life in Christ Jesus, but it’s also something special to see God’s mercy at work from the beginning. It’s good to know the promise of eternity.  It’s also good to understand beginnings.

Dive in head first.  You will be blessed.


Genesis 1

In the beginning…

What if…

Genesis 2

Of Heaven and of Earth

Can we obey God when we don’t understand

Genesis 3

Because you listened to your wife…

Trust and Obey over our Own Understanding

Genesis 4

Don’t give sin a foothold

The birth of Cain, Abel, and Theology

Genesis 5

Adam to Noah

Spittin’ Image

Genesis 6

Hold My Beer

Just as God Commanded Him

Genesis 7

God Shut the Door

Noah found Favor

Genesis 8

Guess what else survived the flood

X Marks the Spot

Genesis 9


Make Love not War

Genesis 10

The Story Continues

Many Peoples, Many gods

Genesis 11

Build it to the Glory of God

Great Abilities

Genesis 12

Outside of you comfort zone

Blessed to be a blessing

Genesis 13

A Calling and Calling Upon the Name of the Lord

Let us Call Upon the Name of the Lord

Genesis 14

Combat and the Tithe

Abram and the King of Sodom

Genesis 15

Boundaries of the Promised Land

Belief credited as Righteousness

Genesis 16

Wild Donkeys

Human Desire and our Own Understanding

Genesis 17

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Roots of Mercy

Genesis 18

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

For the Sake of 10

Genesis 19

God’s Judgment and God’s Favor

Cave Living

Genesis 20

Abraham Catch Up

My Sister is My Wife Redux

Genesis 21

Going Forward

Just Report for Duty

Genesis 22

The Lord will Provide

God Knows Logistics

Genesis 23


Genesis 24

Lord, Give me a Sign

A wife for Isaac

Genesis 25

Father Abraham had Many Sons

Two Nations are in Your Womb

Genesis 26

Let the World Contend with Us!

Genesis 27

Just Trust Him

Genesis 28

Sleeping on a Rock

Genesis 29

Trust God’s Plan

Genesis 30

Never bet on another man’s trick

Just One More

Genesis 31

Go and I will be with you

Trusting God in Deceptive Times

Genesis 32

Wrestling with God

Mitigation Strategy

Genesis 33

What do we believe?

God will accomplish his plan

Genesis 34

Unbridled Vengeance

Genesis 35

Set Apart

How many stops did the bus make?

Genesis 36

Digging Ditches

Genesis 37

The Dreamer and the Schemers

Keep that in mind

Genesis 38

Back in the Day

In the Line of David and the Christ

Genesis 39

Grist for the Mill

Falsely Accused

Genesis 40

Prison Time

Genesis 41

Patient while you wait. Ready when called!

Embracing the past and suffering for the mission God has given you now

Genesis 42

Buying Food and Bowing Down

Genesis 43

Back to Egypt

Que Sera Sera

Genesis 44

Not Quite to Repentance

Fool Me Twice

Genesis 45

Getting a Nation to Egypt

Mercy and Grace from the Beginning

Genesis 46



Genesis 47

Eyes to See the Abundance that God has Already Given Us

Blessings and Greetings

Genesis 48

God’s Plan

Blessings and Blessed to be a Blessing

Genesis 49

Gathered to His People

Whosoever Will

Genesis 50

Burying Dad

What you intended for Evil…


Some Genesis themes for consideration.

Creation, Sin, & Redemption

Genesis and Covenants

Genesis – The Beginning of Blessings

Important Things About Genesis







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