Thursday, February 11, 2021

Jogging Through James


James is a very unique book.  It is a challenging book.  It is a book originally addressed to the Hebrew believers scattered across the known world, but truly directed to every believer that wants to draw closer to God.

It is unique in that it was the first book chosen locally as an all-inclusive study for the month of March 2020.  Every class from junior high to senior adult to Wednesday evening study groups read, studied, and discussed James one chapter each week. 

The condition for beginning this study was that church members would read the chapter designated for the week every day.  That means that each chapter was read 7 times in a week, preached from the pulpit, and the topic of discussion both in and out of the church building.

Below is a short review of the messages.


James 1

Double Minded Doubters

Listening and Doing

James 2

Live by the Royal Law

Christian Forensics

James 3

Caution to Those Desiring to be Teachers

Evidence of God’s Wisdom

James 4

Free Ride?

Making Plans?

James 5

Rich Oppressors, who me?

Powerful and Effective


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