Thursday, February 11, 2021

Matthew 23 - Part 3


Read Matthew 23

The second of the woes—a son of hell.

We have liberty in Christ. Not everything is profitable in that liberty, but we do have freedom.  We are to live wisely.

We have abundance in Christ Jesus.  He came to give us life and life abundant through him.  Let’s throw in life eternal as well.

We know the truth in Christ Jesus.  Our charge is to live in the light and live in the truth.  To know him and make him known.

The Pharisees would go to great lengths to make a convert and then heap laws and rules on top of them so as to suck the life out of life.

We reach people with these words:  Repent and believe the good news.  Yes, people must turn away from the ways of the world—from evil—and believe in and embrace the ways of the Lord.

The response of people is to be liberating.  They cross over from sin and death to life and purpose. They will never live another day without God-given purpose.

The Pharisees stuck to their model.  New converts were just people that could be subjugated to their authority.

We receive new believers as brothers and sisters in Christ.


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