Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Please pray with us in this ministry

Sometimes there is tension in working the margins of society.  Children come to the church building knowing that they will receive love when they arrive.  They know it.

Where’s the tension?

Many of their parents do not know that they are here.  Others just send them out and will expect them to find their own way home.

Well, that’s on them—the parents—right?  Right?

Sort of—once they get to the church building we feel a responsibility to take care of them—but many arrive well before there are adults present to supervise them and keep them safe.  We do our best to make contact with the parents but that seems to be the challenge of this century, at least in this locale.

We have not given up on the parents but focus mainly on loving the kids even without connecting with the parents..

So for now, we pray and ask you to pray for the safety of so many children dropped off at high speed or absent from their homes with our without their parents knowledge or concern.

The children know that they are safe here but we pray and ask that you pray that they are also safe coming and going, and even within the home itself.

God’s model is for the child to learn the ways of God from his or her parents.  So many have abandoned that way.  We continue to call these parents home, encourage them, and even challenge them but they have grown deaf.  We will not quit but in the mean time we love the kids and bring them up in the way they should go for as long as we are with them.

Pray for those who love these children.

Pray for these children.

Pray for the protection of all who seek God’s Kingdom and his righteousness and that God will send legions of angels to protect all of us as we minister in a world that grows darker each day.


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