Thursday, April 2, 2020

John 1 - Calling Disciples

Read John 1

So briefly, we are getting daily accounts about John the Baptist.  He is out one day baptizing, the next day the Son of God shows up, and now we come to the third day in a row at the Jordan, and then a fourth.  Seldom do we get accounts so chronologically connected.

John is with a couple of his disciples and sees Jesus.  This is the second time in as many days.  Two disciples jump ship right away to follow Jesus.  You can’t blame them.  John pointed him out.  What are you going to do?

The two spend the day with Jesus.  One of them is Andrew who has a brother called Simon.  Andrew tells Simon that he has found the Messiah, and Simon comes to follow Jesus.

Jesus then names him Cephas which we know as Peter.  It means, the rock, but Jesus doesn’t go into that part here.

This isn’t the same story as Jesus calling these fishermen to follow him and he will make them fishers of men, but it’s in the same neck of the woods.

Next comes Phillip who was also from this area.  Nathanael is next.  Jesus reveals to him that he saw him under the fig tree when neither was in sight of the other. 

Nathanael is convinced that this is the Messiah.  Jesus told him, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  I took just a little liberty with than one.   You will see God’s angels coming and going while you are with me.   

Not all of the gospel accounts record everything exactly the same but they bring us to the same place.  Jesus is ready to take his ministry to the lost sheep of Israel.

This is where we will wrap up this first chapter.  Chapter two might give us pause to wonder if the ministry of Jesus was accelerated a bit faster than even Jesus planned, and we will get to that in Cana, but he knew that his Father has nothing but good plans, so get ready for the ministry of Jesus to go from zero to sixty in one chapter.

Even though we are just beginning this study of John, I am going to jump to chapter 12 for Sunday’s message.  We will still celebrate Palm Sunday and Sunday’s message will be about what we see in that triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We will be back to chapter 2 on Monday and then Chapter 20 the following Sunday.  After that, Sunday messages will be associated with the chapter you read during the week.

Blessings!  See you, or maybe you will see us, Sunday.

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