Monday, August 1, 2016

Prayer to begin this school year

Holy, righteous, just, and loving God,

Thank you for this day and the lives that we have been granted in it.  Thank you for love that goes beyond our comprehension, love that led your Son to the cross.  Thank you for life abundant and life eternal.

We confess that we don’t always hit the mark, but we trust in your pardon and return to our race focusing once again on you, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Our race has once again brought us to the school year and we ask that you protect, empower, energize, guide, and assure our teachers and administrators as they take center stage in the arena of our children’s lives.  Bless them for their dedication and perseverance.  Grant them patience far greater than most of us can realize.  Be ever with them.

Help all who cook and clean and counsel and console to work as if they were working for you and not for other people or a paycheck.  Grant them satisfaction in their service to you.


Bring our children to our schools with great expectation not the confusion of confrontation.  Bring their parents with a spirit of support and encouragement.  Help us to all play for the same team—one that longs to bring these precious children up in the way they should go.

Call volunteers.  Touch their hearts.  Remove inhibitions and laziness.  Help us all to understand community.

Gracious Father who supplies all of our needs to the point of abundance,

Grant us peace and protection within the school grounds, harmony on our busses, and protection from evil for every child and staff member.  Help us to believe in our hearts, minds, spirits, and actions that no weapon formed against us to prevail.


Hear our prayer and grant us our petitions.


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