Thursday, February 25, 2016

What is a Christian to do in the Cauldron of Craziness that we call today's world?

We were once the beacon of hope to the world.  Now we are a cauldron of craziness.  What are we to do?

Scripture tells us that in the last days people will want those who preach to them to scratch their itching ears.  They will only want to hear what appeals to the most selfish nature.  Our politicians have captured the most banal causes to rally people these days and people are responding.

Sound doctrine has no more voice.

But what are we to do?

Proclaim the gospel in season and out of season.  There has never been a time when true hope was needed more.  People need to return to the Lord. 

People cry out for rights and walls and security.  God has called us to love him and to love one another.

Some want anyone who can get to a polling booth to be able to vote just like they were a citizen. Others want a mass deportation of millions.

Black Lives Matter.  Brown Lives Matter.  Gay Lives Matter.  Police Lives Matter.

The life in the womb, it doesn’t seem to matter so much.  That’s why people won’t get on board with All Life Matters.

What are we to do?

When people turned away from God and sought their own purposes long ago, he confounded their efforts by causing them to speak different languages.

If anyone were to accuse the United States of pursuing godly objectives today, we would surely be acquitted.  We have confounded our own good standing in the world and with each other by turning away from God.

Many who claim to be pursuing godly purposes have twisted holy words in an effort to support their cause or garner power.

What are we to do?

Proclaim the gospel in season and out of season, and it does seem to be out of season as far as the world is concerned.  That makes it the perfect season for the one who has a heart to take God’s light into the darkness.

Make no mistake; this insanity that surrounds us is darkness.

What are we to do?

It is time to Christian Up!  That’s right; it is the old when the going gets tough the tough get going spiel.  But it happens to be right on target. 

It is time to bring light to a dark world, not in words of condemnation but in invitations of hope.  It is time to call this nation—that can be great again—to repent and come back to God.

We can be great again not because of whom we elect but because the people will come back to God.  God’s love does not fail.  He does not changeHis heart desires us to come to him and enjoy the relationship with him and each other that he planned for us from the very beginning.

We should never be surprised when the world behaves as the world.  It is, after all, the world.  We must be vigilant and press on towards the goal of taking the good news to everyone that we can, connecting those who have received Christ but don’t participate in the work of the body of Christ with a family of faith, and disciple those who do come in the doctrine of love—the royal law.

From a military perspective, we might classify the world as a target rich environment.  Look in any direction and we who follow Jesus have plenty of opportunities to do his will and bring glory to his name.

I would like to think that America will not only survive as a nation but once again be a godly beacon for the world, the land of hope, and one that puts God before self in all things.

Whether we can reclaim what was once pure and noble in this nation is at stake and the outcome uncertain.  What is very much certain is the call for every man, woman, and child who follows Jesus to live up to our calling right now.

Let’s be the light of the world and lead people to Christ.

Let’s be the salt of the earth and give people a taste of God’s goodness in their every encounter with us.

Let’s not forsake gathering together and worshiping God.

Let’s love one another.

Let’s pick up our cross every day and truly follow Jesus.

It is time to Christian Up and lead this nation to God one person and one family at a time.  So get off of your phone or your tablet or your computer and go be God’s love with your neighbor.  Share the gospel.  Invite them to gather with you and others who are learning what it is to follow Jesus.

Go into this crazy world and be God’s love!

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