Friday, February 19, 2016

Are you ready?

The world seems to have gone off the deep end and none of our political candidates offer any real hope.  The economy is unpredictable at best.  Are we a land of opportunity or a country that constructs walls?  Here’s the real kicker—we have it better here than in most of the world and we think we think things are terrible.

Do you ever wonder if God sometimes just shakes his head, says whatever and is ready to walk away and leave us to our certain, self-inflicted demise?

Who could blame him?

But he doesn’t.  He is the one constant in a universe of variables.  He is love and his love is still there for us.

He invites us to come to him through Christ Jesus and be holy and blameless before him, not because of something that we must do, but because of his great love for us.  God did everything needed to make us holy and blameless, totally forgiven, and full of purpose and abundance.  He did this in the blood of Christ Jesus.

He invites us to accept this gift and in response to live for him.

Imagine what it would be like to live totally for God’s purpose and have not a single sin held against us.  For those who have professed Jesus as Lord and know in their hearts that Jesus really did live, die for us, and that God raised him from the dead; that is how we live today.

In Christ, we are holy and blameless before God.  Wow!

In Christ, we are totally forgiven of our sin.  We have insight into a time to come when everything will be reconciled to Christ.

In Christ we have received the deposit of the Holy Spirit and we are assured of all of God’s promises.
In Christ, we can’t really do anything else but live for the glory of God.

Now that’s cool beans!

In the middle of a world run amuck, we are invited to be holy and blameless before the Lord and God does everything to make this happen.  He does it all in Christ.

Are you ready to accept this incredible gift?

Are you ready?

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