Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pushing Through Proverbs

 We have completed our journey through the Proverbs.  Use the links below for review or begin your own journey.  Wisdom is worth it!


Proverbs 1

God’s way and everything else

Listen to mom and dad

Proverbs 2

If Statements

Best of Both Worlds

Proverbs 3

Those he loves

Trust is Wisdom

Proverbs 4

Get Wisdom

Body Alignment

Proverbs 5

How I Hated Discipline

In Full View of the Lord

Proverbs 6

To the ant, work is wisdom

7 things in the Everything Else Category

Proverbs 7

Easy Targets

Deer in the headlights

Proverbs 8

More Precious than Rubies

Quite a Package

Wisdom as the Ultimate Plank Holder

Proverbs 9

Leave Your Simple Ways

Stolen Water is Sweet

Proverbs 10

Blessings for now and for eternity

Breaking up is hard to do

Proverbs 11

Wealth is Worthless on the Day of Wrath

The Hope of the Unjust

Proverbs 12

The Prudent Overlook an Insult

Don’t be Stupid!

Proverbs 13

Money for Nothing

Leaving an Inheritance

Proverbs 14

Sin Condemns Any People

Hard work brings a profit

Proverbs 15

Wise and Foolish X7

God’s Way—It’s for our own good

Proverbs 16

Half Way There

Pride Precedes Destruction

Proverbs 17

God Tests the Heart

Good Medicine

Proverbs 18

To answer without listening…

The Name of the Lord is a Fortified Tower

Proverbs 19

Mammas, Don’t let your Children grow up to be Lazy

The Poor Can’t buy a Friend

Proverbs 20

Man in the Mirror

Do we really understand our own understanding?

Proverbs 21

Don’t complicate the simple

We are an example to the vulnerable

Proverbs 22

Slave to the Lender

The Generous will be Blessed

Proverbs 23

Sayings of the Wise for the Wise

Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women

Proverbs 24

Times That Try Men’s Souls

Folly is Sin

Proverbs 25

Clean Hands

Bring Glory to God and Enjoy Him Very Much

Proverbs 26

This too shall pass

Answering a Fool

The Sluggard

Proverbs 27

As Iron Sharpens Iron

 What a Day may Bring

Proverbs 28

The Wicked Flee Though No One Pursues

Walking in Wisdom

Proverbs 29

Blessed is the One who heeds Wisdom’s Instructions

Genuine and Urgent

Proverbs 30

Every Word of God is Flawless

Living by Daily Bread

Proverbs 31

Listen to my Mom

Who can find such a woman?


Ephesians 5:15-16

Proverbs Review

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