Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Stolen Water is Sweet

 Read Proverbs 9

Solomon had more wives and concubines that we can imagine.  He also introduced us to many women.  He used women to personify the good and the bad.

The first was Lady Wisdom but he also introduced us to adulterous women and prostitutes, with warnings attached, of course.

There is another woman that we should come to recognize.  She is the woman Folly. She is known by her lack of discipline and lack of knowledge.

Those shortcomings don’t stop her from advertising.  She calls out to any who will hear to come and sample here ways.

She promotes theft and deceit and surely wickedness.

“Stolen water is sweet;

    food eaten in secret is delicious!”

Maybe the modern-day equivalent is by Dire Straits.  Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free.

There is an allure to getting something for nothing.  The sinful human nature causes us to consider how much sweeter stolen money or goods are than having to work for them.

Something for nothing—or at least not having to work for it—tickles our sinful nature and the woman that Solomon personifies as Folly beckons you to try her ways.

Folly is something of a crack dealer who runs a crack house for her customers.  The first hit is free.  Then you might get a BOGO—buy one get one. Everything seems good at first, but if anyone had looked around when they entered the house, they would have seen people who are dead or dying.

The writing on the wall proclaims death.

The wise would not go it, but if they glimpsed inside, they would say, “I see dead people.”

Folly leads to destruction.

The easy way is often the deadly way.

Minefields are set on the easiest paths.

Folly is a drug dealer and the drugs will kill you.



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