Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Walk A Block for Jesus Smart Pack

Walk A Block for Jesus
Smart Pack


To take the good news of life, life abundant, and life eternal to the community of Burns Flat in the fellowship of other believers.

Church Phone:  580 562 4706
Tom’s phone:  580 515 2995
Jimmy’s phone:  580 821 4942 (For Resupply)

General Guidelines
This is not a race!  Be safe and have fun.  You are sharing good news.
If you must depart early, please let us know @ 562-4706 and tell your group leader.
Hydrate.  Drink plenty of water.
Do not go anywhere that you do not think is safe.  Do not enter any home (other than your own) alone.

Do what you are comfortable doing.  That may include:
Knocking on doors.
Giving out gospels.
Giving out wristbands.
Sharing your testimony.
Inviting people to worship or participate in ministries.
Inviting people to walk a block or two or ten with you. (This year we give out an extra wristband to anyone who walks with us.  It says WALK A BLOCK FOR JESUS 2017)
Praying for an entire block or a school or a business.
Praying with individuals and families.
You may end the walk having done more than you thought you could.

There are 4 walking teams assigned to 4 areas.
Everyone must sign up on a team roster.  We will try to keep the teams about the same size.
Team leaders should have a map.  Extra maps are recommended if the team will break into groups.
Team leaders will determine the organization and transport that works for them.
Do your best to get to know and walk with people in your group that you don’t know very well.

Leave a Gospel of John at every occupied house.  Include the VBS flier.
Take some gospels and wristbands with you.  Call for resupply before you are out.  Wristbands are only given out with personal contact and a reminder that GOD LOVES YOU!
Take one or two Bibles with each team.  These are for people who do not have a Bible in their home.  Call for resupply.
Take a few of Tom’s business cards with each group.  
Dispose of trash properly.  We don’t make a mess.

Coordinating Instructions
Everyone is to be back at the CPC church building by 11:45 am.
Lunch is served at noon.

Walk A Block Prayer

We give you thanks that you came with salvation and sent us into the world with good news.
We thank you for the gift of grace that we cannot repay fully but that we can give back to you in part by loving our neighbor.
We confess that we don’t do this sort of thing enough.
We confess that this event is still something unique.  Help us to make it part of our daily lives.
We thank you for your pardon that you have promised and now ask that you help us get after it as we walk into the world as your disciples.
Help us to be known by our love, and today by our good news.
We ask that your Spirit precede us, walk with us, and dwell within each household that we visit.
We ask for fellowship with those who walk with us.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.  Grant us joy in this fellowship.
Grant us safety.
Grant us a harvest that is plentiful.
Grant us joy and peace in knowing that we are doing what you commissioned us to do.
Bless this morning that our service is pleasing to you.
In the name of Jesus,


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