Monday, December 28, 2015

Now is the time...

2016 is upon us.  Are you making New Year’s Resolutions?

Some do and some don’t but all should meditate and pray upon how to be God’s love in action in the year ahead.  We have many opportunities that come at specific dates and times.

Easter Egg Hunt – Invading the godless world with good news by luring in kids and parents with candy then telling them how much God loves them.
Chewy Tuesdays – Delivering love in a paper sack.  Well, there is a little more to it than that, but do it once and you are hooked on loving these kids that God has placed in our paths.
Vacation Bible School – It is always great.  We always have a bunch of help.  We always need more help to make it the best VBS ever.
Trunk or Treat – It’s another ambush by candy with God’s love ready to permeate the most ghoulish of costumes.
Food baskets and angel Gifts – We just finished this and yet it is really just around the corner.
There are so many events when you can make a difference.

There are also ongoing opportunities to be God’s love in action.

F4 ranks right up there for difference making.  Be a table parent, a teacher, someone to help clean up, or just a utility infielder who is ready to play any position.  This is perhaps our biggest ongoing mission that makes the biggest difference in the lives of so many children.
Connect the disconnected.  No, this was not just a passing fad or a last year’s trend.  It is an ongoing mission.  Most people that you encounter already claim Jesus as their Savior.  Most also don’t really know him as Lord.  They are missing out on the discipleship that comes from living and serving in the body of Christ.  Help them get connected.
Using your Spiritual Gifts—that’s right, Tom or the session doesn’t have to come up with every idea.  You don’t have to have a committee to get something started.  If you have the gift of evangelism, then evangelize.  If you have the gift of service (many here have that gift) then find places to serve.  If you don’t know what your gifts are, then just start getting involved and see what God brings out in you.  Some have the gift of intercession and will pray for every person on our pray list by name every week or every day.  Some have musical gifts that can flourish.  Ask God to reveal your gifts to you and then put them to use to produce fruit for your Lord and for the body of Christ.

There are also committees where you may help plan, organize, and execute many of the works of this church body.
The missions committee is by far the most active and always needs people ready to be God’s love in action.
The worship committee needs to be resurrected.  We need people who will study the scriptures for the week ahead, plan music, make sure the sanctuary is prepared for worship, read devotions, and find new ways to worship the Lord.
The building and grounds committee comes and goes and has not been intact for a decade.  Being a handyman or handywomen is great, but committee work is also about organizing groups and workdays to take care of things than are more than a one person job.
The fellowship committee has atrophied to nothing, not because of lack of interest but because fellowship is second nature to most.  The fellowship committee is organized on an ongoing adhoc basis every month in meals and showers and other fellowship events.  There is a fellowship team list that makes sure our fellowship meals go smoothly.  If you are not on that list, then please join soonest.
If you have a knack for reviewing curriculum, then the education committee might be a good fit for you.

In any case, there are many opportunities to serve God as a part of a committee.  We also have committees that are vital parts of our presbytery.  Check out the Red River Presbytery website to see what we do at this level.

Not everything that you do as a vital member of the body of Christ must have a name or be an established ministry.  The kid across the street that you hug and feed and tell him or her that God loves you is just as important as something that we have done for a decade and has a name.  The light that you bring to this dark world is a big part of following Jesus.  Being the God seasoning of the planet—the salt of the earth—is just as important as Pop Tarts and Peanut Butter or Ash Wednesday.

But now is the time for preparation and meditation and prayer as to what God is leading us to do in 2016.  Perhaps you should put a few Gospels of John in your vehicle.  Maybe you should check on the family across the street to see if they have enough food.  Maybe you have many empty rooms in your house and would like to make them available to stranded travelers.  Maybe there is something that God is placing on your heart than only you know what it is.

Now is the time to seek God’s revelations to you.

Now is the time to seek God’s revelations to you.

Now is the time…

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