Friday, May 3, 2024

The Words of Jesus - Put them into Practice

 Words of Jesus

This has been a short journey through some of the many words of Jesus. However long such a study, it will always be incomplete. And as it turns out, a good excuse to do this again down the road.

Below are links to the selected scriptures used in this series.

Into Practice

Put his words into Practice

Ask – Seek – Knock

A Heart for Rescue

Lost and Found

In the Spirit and in Truth

Our Worship must be Genuine

Don’t Worry

Choose this Day…

The First and Greatest Commandment

The Thief comes…

He’s got us

Blessed Assurance

With God…

Even when I don’t want to…

My Grace is All that You Need

Boasting in my Weakness

Getting down to business in Mark’s gospel

Who will cry out JESUS IS LORD if not us?

Are we truly known by our love by everyone?

Targeted Love

Now, Go and Sin No More

The One with No Sin can get this party started…

Take My Yoke





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