Thursday, January 21, 2021

Matthew 20 - Part 2


Read Matthew 20

The disciples never seemed to get things the first time that Jesus said them.  One of those things was that Jesus told them that while in Jerusalem, he would be turned over to the religious hierarchy and that he would be condemned and turned over to the Gentiles to be killed.

He told them that this would not be a single sword thrust so that his life would pass quickly from him.  Instead, he would be mocked, and flogged, and hung on a cross.  This would be ugly and painful.

But it would not be the end of the story.  On the third day, Jesus would rise from the dead.

He would rise.  There is no discussion here.  And questions or comments that the disciples might have had, are not recorded here.

Jesus would die and he would rise from the dead.  That would have been a good sticky note to put on the refrigerator. 



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