Friday, November 13, 2020

Matthew 10 - Part 4


Read Matthew 10

And here is what will happen.  Families will turn upon each other.  They could seek the Lord first—all of them—but they will each desire what is best for them.

Some think that family bonds are the strongest bonds and are hard to break, but that won’t be the case when people have to decide whether or not to put God first.

People will hate you because of what I have sent you to do.  They were happy in the arrangement they had with the world.  You will be disrupting that.  They will hate you because you come in my name and because you bring truth to the world of lies in which so many live.

Expect to be unfriended in so many ways.

But don’t give up.  When one place rejects you, move on to the next place.  The battle does not belong to you.  You have your mission.  Complete your mission.

You do not need to do greater things than your Master.  A time will come when you will do greater things than you did when your Lord was with you, but for now, just be a good student and complete your assignment.

That will be challenging enough.

If you come up against a house where the Lord is not honored or worse, Satan rules the house, move on.  This is a stronghold of the enemy and you must remember that you are sent to those seeking a shepherd. You are sent to the worried and worn out not to take out evil. Evil will be exposed and dealt with but that’s is not your mission.

You are not going to get to every household now.  It will take many more sent in the name of Jesus to finish the work before the Son of God returns in his glory.

Stick to your mission.


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