Thursday, October 29, 2020

Matthew 8 - Part 3


Read Matthew 8

Were any of the disciples married?  We know that Peter was.  How?  Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law.

Jesus had come to Peter’s house.  His mother-in-law had a fever.  Jesus touched her and she was well.  The fever was gone.

What did she do?  She got up and went to work waiting on everyone.  It’s not like she had a man-cold where she would need a full week to recover.

We can chuckle a little here.  Jesus healed her and she went to work, but why not?  Why not get back to doing the things you couldn’t do well while you were sick.

When we are sick, we want our lives back.  We want to do the things that we took for granted before, even if it’s cooking, cleaning, or rotating the tires.

We should be thankful for every day of good health, but sometimes we have to recover from illness to remember to thank God for health.

Health Care is a big topic these days.  Jesus came to take care of our preexisting conditions—sin and everything that sin brought upon us, but he also came to take away our infirmities—our illness and disease in these bodies and during our time in this world.

Yes, sometimes the answer to our prayer is that my grace is enough for you, but we should not shy away from asking for healing and cleansing because sometimes a condition persists.

Too often we just classify illness, infirmity, and disease as the cost of doing business in a sinful world.  To an extent, that’s on the money.

But we have Jesus.  We have the Great Physician.  We have one not restrained by the rules of the world.  The blood of Jesus has healed us for all eternity.  He has removed the stain of our sin, but we can have healing in this time and in this world and in our infirmities.

Many came to see Jesus with many ailments and Jesus healed them.  Jesus healed them.

What the prophet had spoken, Jesus had fulfilled.

Let’s not just throw our infirmities into the cost of doing business in a sinful world basket.  Let us ask, seek, and knock as directed and expect all of those prayers to be answered, many as proffered.


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