Friday, October 9, 2020

Matthew 6 - Part 2


Read Matthew 6

Fasting doesn’t get a lot of attention these days.  It is still a viable means to remind us that what gratifies the body is not the most important thing.

The world has a bazillion diets that it promotes, but that’s not fasting.

Jesus said that he had food that his disciples didn’t know about.  It was to do the will of his Father in heaven.  It was to do what he was sent to do.

Sometimes we need to quit feeding our physical bodies and let God feed us his word.  You know this part.  Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

We heard that from Jesus in chapter 4 after a 40 day fast.  That might be a bit more than we can handle as far as duration goes.

We need less bread and more word.  Fasting is about the less bread part, unless you are referring to the Bread of Life.

We need fewer calories and more connection with our Lord.  Fasting is one way to draw nearer to God.  It’s not the only way, but it can be effective.

Fasting was a big deal when Jesus came into the world 2000 years ago.  It was a really big deal to the religious leaders who wanted the people to know they were checking all the blocks.

They could have opted for tee shirts that read:  FASTING.  Instead they walked around with long faces and messy hair to show they were doing their duty and people should take notice.

Jesus didn’t say there was anything wrong with fasting.  In fact, it’s still a good practice especially in this age of immediate, or even instant gratification. 

Jesus said, don’t make a show of it.  This is a really good chance for you and your heavenly Father to grow closer.  This is about real communion.  It’s not about the meals you have missed but about the true sustainment you could gain in living upon God’s word.

This is just between you and God, so dress up and head out into the world like you just had the best breakfast in the world.  Look like your have the best sustenance ever as you greet others.

Kick the Eeyore routine to the curb.  Oh, I’m so exhausted from doing what God wants.

Don’t turn instructions that God gave us for our own good into something to be dreaded.  If you fast, be joyful about it and celebrate your time of drawing closer to God.

God will reward you for being faithful to him and not requiring human validation.  Your validation, your affirmation, revitalization comes from the Lord as you bring glory to the Lord.

When you fast, fast to the Lord.



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