Wednesday, June 24, 2020

John 13 - Part 2

Read John 13

Man, that was some weird stuff.  Watching him walk on water or raise Lazarus from the dead was amazing.  I now believe the unbelievable because Jesus is from God, but having him wash my feet.  That was some weird stuff right there.

I’m glad that we are just enjoying our meal again.  Now we can just relax and eat dinner.

Those are my reconstituted thoughts on the thoughts of one or more of the disciples.

Jesus taught a little.  It was familiar stuff.  If you accept me, you accept the one who sent me.  Been there, done that.  We know that part.  Good no parables.

But once again, we will get a glimpse of the Son of God’s humanity.  He is troubled.  His spirit is troubled.  Jesus knew what was ahead of him; yet he was troubled.  He knew all along that he would die, but this is different.
One of you is going to betray me.

Peter gets John to ask Jesus just who would betray him.  Jesus told John that it was who the disciple to whom he would give the dipped piece of bread.  Jesus gave it to Judas, son of Simon Iscariot.  He told Judas to go do what he had to do and do it now.

The disciples thought that Judas was sent to buy food or give money to the poor.  John said nothing. 

We are told that Satan entered Judas and he left the room as soon as he received the bread.

Remember that his hour had come.  With the departure of Judas, the minute hand advanced 10 or 15 minutes.  The Sanhedrin had decided to kill Jesus.  The betrayer was on the way to them.  It was Passover Week.

The disciples just sat there.  Think deer in the headlights. 

What did he just say?  What does that mean?  Pass the bread.

This was not your uncle telling off color jokes at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone rolling their eyes.  This was gut wrenching stuff.  Jesus just washed their feet and next he said that he is going to be betrayed.  Was it Judas or was Judas just running an errand.  Was the one who would betray the Master just revealed and allowed to walk out of the room?

We know the story.  Imagine what it was to sit at that table and wonder what would come next.
If I ever get around to writing a skit for this meal, one of the disciples is going to say, “The whole thing had gone 2020.”

For now, know that his hour had come and the minute hand was advancing quickly.


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