Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Racing Through Romans

Romans is sometimes called the gospel according to Paul.  It is a letter that presumes little from its target audience.  Paul knew some of the people to whom he wrote but he had not yet been to Rome.  He hoped to stop there on a missionary journey to Spain.  We know that he did make it to Rome but not quite in the manner he had thought when he penned this epistle.

This page that links to messages on each chapter of Paul’s letter to the Roman believers is titled Racing Through Romans.  That is because any chapter in this letter could easily support 3, 4, or a dozen stand-alone messages.  To press on towards the goal as Paul wrote elsewhere, the single message per chapter model was adhered to throughout.

Start your engines and get ready to begin your race!

Romans is unique in that it is full of both theology and very direction instruction on discipleship.  You will be blessed to read this letter authored by Paul.  You will be blessed greatly to study it and put its precepts into practice.

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