Thursday, May 11, 2017

The 411 on the 316

The 411 on the 316
John 3:16
Psalm 90:12

Cast:  Two men of any age.  One could be young and up on all the current lingo and the other older if desired, but two of the same age will work as well.  Younger cast members may need to listen to the theme song to Hawaii Five-0.

Set:  Any.  Action moves with dialogue and gesturing.

Lights come up with both men center stage.

P1:  Saw you downtown yesterday.
P2:  Yep.  Was trying to get the 411 on what that big crowd was about.
P1:  What?
P2:  The 411.  C’mon, I was trying to the information about what was happening.
P1:  And?
P2:  It started with the 911.
P1:  What?
P2:  C’mon now.  Somebody called in an emergency.
P1:  Yeah, OK, I know that one.  And?
P2:  The next thing you know the “Five Oh” is on the scene.
P1:  The who?  What?
P2:  The PoPo.  You know the police.  Hawaii Five O.  Da Da Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da Da..
P1:  Yeah, sure.  Book ‘em Danno.
P2:  I’m telling you the 511 was heating up after that.
P1:  I don’t have clue.
P2:  You know, the place that covers weather and travel advisories.
P1:  I might want to remember that one.
P2:  What have you done up until now?
P1:  Looked out my window and if I saw a tornado, I drove the other way.
P2:  That could work, but you’ve got to learn your numbers.
P1:  I know some numbers.
P2:  Hit me.
P1.  One is the loneliest number.
P2:  What?
P1:  That one is a double whammy because it is by Three Dog Night.  That’s a one, and a two, and a three…
P2:  Really?  Your numbers are out of date.
P1:  This one is not out of date.
P2:  Let’s have it.
P1:  Lord, teach us to number our days.
P2:  What?
P1:  I want to number my days.
P2:  They already have numbers, like July 4th or Cinco de Mayo or Valentine’s Day or…
P1:  I don’t think that Valentine’s Day is actually a number.
P2:  Yeah but it‘s always on the 15th of February.
P1:  It’s the 14th, but that explains why you can’t keep a girlfriend.
P2:  If you want to get your flowers and candy at 75% off, you go with the 15th.
P1:  Goes to my point of you not being able to keep a girlfriend.
P2:  Maybe I’m just playing the field.
P1:  I think you are mostly riding the bench, but back to numbering our days.  By number, the psalmist means to value as a scarce commodity.
P2:  Like counting gold bars.
P1:  Pretty close.
P2:  OK, I’m liking your numbers.
P1:  Really.
P2:  Yeah.  I’m not all shallow and just care about being the coolest person around.  I’m still looking for ways to improve my game.
P1:  Ok, but I don’t want to hit you with this right away.  I don’t know if you’ve got game enough for it.
P2:  I don’t have game?  Really?  Hit me with your best shot!
P1:  OK, here comes the 411 on the 316.
P2:  What?
P1:  Here is what you need to know about God’s love.
P2:  I thought we were doing numbers.
P1:  Hang with me.
P2:  OK, I’m in.
P1:  God loved everything he had made so much that even though everyone and everything seemed to be rebelling against him, he took away everything that was wrong with us and the creation by making an unbelievable sacrifice for us.
P2:  What?
P1:  God loved us when we didn’t love him.  He still loves us.  His heart desires to love us forever.
P2:  For the rest of my life?
P1:  And then some.
P2:  That’s some heavy stuff.  How much does it cost.
P1:  More than you can afford.
P2:  Bummer.  I knew there was a catch.
P1:  No catch.  God paid the price for you.  When you accept this incredible gift that he has for you, it is like you never did anything wrong at all, ever.
P2:  That’s a big slate to wipe clean.
P1:  He did it and he did it because he loves you and me more than we can imagine.
P2:  Now, that’s some 411, but I don’t get the 316 part.
P1:  That’s the Bible verse.  John 3:16.
P2:  I’ve seen that on signs at Football games and wondered about it.
P1:  Now you have the 411.
P2:  With news that good, we should put it on the 911.
P1:  You’re right, but first I want to talk to you about the ONE and only Son of God.
P2:  I’m in.
Both begin to walk off the stage.
P1:  Learn the verse and we will talk for as long as you want.  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever would believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

The end.

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