Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanks be to God!

Today we give thanks to God almighty, maker of heaven and earth, author of life and love, and the one who has claimed us as his own for all eternity.

We give thanks for our every breath, every beat of our hearts, and every minute of every day, for the very day is a holy thing as it is set apart in our lives as the time to bring God glory.

The sun rises and sets at his pleasure.  The wind proclaims his might and fury and its absence breathes his peace.

The newborn babe reveals the potential that he granted to all of us.  The tired and weary soul witnesses to his ceaseless mercy that gives worldly status no rank.

His invitation to receive his grace belies the justice and judgment that we deserve.
Merciful and loving God, we give you thanks!

Thanks be to God!


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