Monday, October 3, 2016

Prayer for the Day: Here I am Lord

Do we really approach the throne of grace boldly?  If so, why do we ask our Mighty God for such small things?  We are empowered to deal with the things that afflict us.  Let’s speak to the affliction in the name of Jesus and spend more time asking God for things like the pouring out of his Spirit, repentance of our nation, helping us produce good fruit that brings glory to God and enriches the body of Christ.

We serve an awesome God.  We still pray as Jesus taught us seeking daily bread and affirming that we are forgiving as he is forgiving, but we also need to come to our heavenly Father asking him for things that change the world.


Thank you for my life, life abundant, and life eternal.
As I live out my salvation as the most important thing you have given me, help me to be bold in calling upon the name of Jesus as I face the troubles of this world.
Help me to be bold in asking you to intervene in the affairs of the world so I can testify to your mighty acts in this age.
Help me to be bold in seeking your kingdom and your righteousness.
Help me to be bold in listening to your reply should your answer include my involvement.  Do not let me grow deaf when you are calling me to your purpose.
Give me the courage to simply say, “Here I am Lord,” and be ready to go wherever or do whatever you have for me.
Thank you Lord that I will never know the shallow, timid life of those who will not hear you.
Here I am Lord.  Use me to your purpose that I may bring glory to your name.


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