Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coffee Talk is back for April

It’s back!

What is?

Coffee Talk, that's what.

What is Coffee Talk?  Why it is a gathering of believers that are strong in their faith and want to explore some interesting and sometimes even controversial topics in the Bible, in life, or that just happen to be bouncing around in their minds.

What must I do to participate?

First, this is seriously for those who know with certainty that God loves them, that by the blood of Jesus they are saved, and that God’s love and your salvation are assured.  This is really not for the new believer.

Second, bring your Bible.  If you don’t have your own Bible, then you are probably not up to this evening of engaging conversation.  Stop by on any other day and Tom will give you a Bible.

Third, we do not gather to convince each other that our interpretation of any matter is the one and only way.  We come to explore, engage, and envision the things that have been on our minds knowing that we may have different perspectives and opinions.  These discussions are part of the benefit package of growing in grace.  We can touch on things that might be too tough to explore in Sunday School or another Bible Study where there are believers still subsisting on milk alongside those chewing on Biblical ribeyes.

What are the topics?

Bring what you have been thinking about.  We may discuss one topic for an hour or jump around with three or four different ones.

For the first of these April gatherings, we will prime the pump just a bit by starting with Job 1, specifically, The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away.

That may take 10 minutes or may have to be continued, but it is a starting point.  The point is that we as believers who have been growing in grace for a while need a place and companions to sharpen us, refine us, and help us grow even more.  Your topics do not have to originate with a Bible verse.  Bring what is on your mind and let's see what we can figure out.

The coffee will be ready when you arrive.  If you prefer a soft drink, please bring it with you.

18 April 2016      7 pm
25 April 2016     7 pm
Pastor’s Study
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
205 State Highway 44

Burns Flat, Oklahoma

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